Us there any plan to transplant Anki to Harmony OS

As the topic, AnkiDroid won’t be able to run on HarmonyOS later.

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seems to be talking about:

The next iteration of HarmonyOS known as HarmonyOS NEXT was announced on August 4, 2023. It replaces the OpenHarmony multikernel system with its own HarmonyOS microkernel at its core, removes all Android code and supports only apps in its native App format.[11][12] It is currently in beta testing and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024.[13]
HarmonyOS - Wikipedia

Since it is from China, there might be restriction on what can or cannot be in their app store, AnkiMobile was taken out of Apple app store because the server wasn’t located in the region, you can read more in these threads

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No developers have proposed to work on that until now, so there isn’t any plans for that.

if they prefer a closed loop circle, why others would like to entertain them?

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In fact,‘ankimobile f…’ has not been removed from the app store in the mainland of China, and the latest update was four days ago.
As far as I know, app stores in the mainland of China need to be filed, that is, real-name system. But the filing rate is close to 100%. I guess because it is “filing”, not “licensing system”, the main purpose may be that illegal and criminal content such as fraud, vulgarity, subversion of state power and other content in the software can be traced to the specific responsible person.
I feel that the application installation method of HarmonyOS in the future (some people call it “pure blood Hongmeng” in China) should be similar to ios. Some brands of Android phones in China and the current HarmonyOS will need to enter the mobile phone password to install applications outside the app store…
实际上 ,ankimobile f……在中国大陆的应用商店并没有被下架,最近的更新是在4天前。