URL Scheme for Syncing

I’m new to using Anki and I find it very powerful. However, I’m having trouble with the way Anki syncs on iOS.

As I search for possible solutions, I know how hard it is to do a realtime sync and that it is hard to sync in iOS after the app closed.

I think url scheme might be an interesting way to solve this problem:

  1. Add a url scheme to initiate the sync process, say anki://sync
  2. Add an automation in shortcuts, whenever Anki is opened, initiate the sync process.

Hence, a simple “sync when opening” would be possible.

Is this a feasible solution?

This has just been added to 2.0.90 (along with a search scheme):



That’s my bad, I remembered that I had searched the page before. Thank you very much.

It works perfectly in my phone now.

However, oddly, on my iPad mini using iPadOS 16.2, the link failed to initiate the sync, neither did the search scheme work as expected:

  1. When using the sync or search scheme, nothing happens.
  2. When I change a bit of scheme to bust it, anki will show an “invalid scheme” notification.

Is there a fix for this?

Assuming you’ve made sure both devices are running .90 already, one other thing to be aware of is that in .90 the sync and search actions will only work if you don’t supply any arguments (eg /sync works, but /sync?x-callback-success=… does not). I will fix this in a future update.

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Thanks, I just noted that my iPad mini had .89 installed. After upgrading, it works perfectly now, thank you for your answer and long term contributions!

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