Updating the Description of a Shared Deck

I’ve shared a deck for the first time, just in the last few days, and now I would like to add something to the description. However, I’ve looked all over the deck’s description page, and I don’t see any indication of a way to edit and update the description. I’ve searched the AnkiWeb site, and I’ve searched the forums, and I haven’t found any indication as to whether one can update the description of a shared deck, nor instructions for doing so, if it is possible. So I’ve joined the forums to ask about this.

Can one update the description of a shared deck? If so, does one do it via AnkiWeb or perhaps via the desktop app or AnkiMobile. How does one begin?

Please forgive a “newbie,” if I’ve somehow overlooked the obvious.

The deck, by the way, is “Machiavelli, Discourses on Livy: Italian-English Glossary,” a deck of 1,086 cards, with words and phrases in Italian on the front, and their English gloss on the back. Here is a link to the deck’s page.


Updating the description turns out to be easy, once one figures out how to do it. It’s just a matter of re-sharing the deck and updating the description while doing so.


Thanks a lot. I could not figure it out by myself :rofl:

It would be nice to have a more intuitive approach though…