Update Tooltips

The tooltips for auto advance were not updated after adding show reminder as a selectable action. I suggest these changes below:

Seconds to show question for:

When auto advance is activated, the number of seconds to wait before applying the question action.

[consistent with the tooltip for seconds to show answer for]

Wait for audio:

Wait for audio to finish before automatically applying the question action or answer action.

Answer action:

The action to perform after the answer is shown, and time has elapsed.

[consistent with the tooltip for question action]

I would suggest to submit a PR (edit this file): anki/ftl/core/deck-config.ftl at 486cc8a2abba7858e0e8b69e9768d3be0a47a4dd · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Do it for me like before?

I tried doing it with Expertium’s guidance: Update Tooltip by brishtibheja · Pull Request #3288 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

no issues here (If you’ll submit a PR @Expertium)

In this commit “assumes that you’re starting with 0 learned cards” was removed from compute-optimal-retention-tooltip4.

If this isn’t CMRR’s tooltip, I suggest we make a similar change there. I have seen at least one person thinking CMRR isn’t usable for them because they saw this sentence and assumed you use CMRR for a very specific situation. And as @user1823 has said there, it’s not helpful information anyway so why clutter. It is good-to-delete info in my opinion.