Update-release automatic notifications instead of constantly checking the website?

Since the option to check for updates and update from within the macOS Anki app isn’t offered and since the only way to know if an update has been released is to manually check the website, is there an e-mail notification system or a newsletter or anything where we can sign up to get notified of when an update to the app has been released? That way, we are not constantly checking the website on a daily basis to see if an update has been released. It would be nice if the Anki app offered the option (under Anki\Preferences…) to automatically check for, and install, updates upon launch… just as it is offered for add-ons…

Anki actually already shows an update prompt when users are on a very old version. I think the reason it isn’t done for more recent versions is because the Anki userbase is so dependent on add-ons that Damien, the lead developer, became very careful about pushing updates to the masses too early.

One can assume only a small percentage of users reads the change notes, so they need to be herded into the right direction slowly to prevent an overflow of support requests.

However, I think an indicator in the preferences that shows if you’re on the most recent version and offers a link to the download page if you’re on an outdated version is safe and can definitely be implemented.


If you have (or register) a user account on GitHub, you can watch the Anki repository and chose to be notified (by mail) of new releases: GitHub - ankitects/anki: Anki for desktop computers


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