Update mechanism for Anki addons?

I’m the new maintainer of AwesomeTTS. It has a dedicated updater module: https://github.com/AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon/blob/7a1ea417eb606395089fb8616aa94294e94f80b5/awesometts/updates.py
this seems like over-engineering to me, an add-on shouldn’t have to manage its own updates. I read https://addon-docs.ankiweb.net/#/sharing?id=sharing-via-ankiweb , but it doesn’t mention anything about auto-updates. My intuition is that Anki will manage updates for addons, am I correct ?


You can check manually for updates from the add-ons dialog. Recent versions even automatically check for new versions every 24 hours.

Once anki detects a newer version on ankiweb it will download the new version and delete the whole old folder (except for stuff in user_files and your custom config). You need to restart Anki so that the new version is loaded.

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the update mechanism was introduced with 2.1.

2.0 didn’t offer to check for updates - you had to reinstall

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