Anki doesn't inform about available update

In few topics on the forum, I saw that Anki can prompt a window with a message about an available update.
It has never happened to me. Anki always has access to the Internet and always sync on the start but no info about the update. Messages about addons update work ok.

It is really handy to know about the new versions of Anki itself.
What can be a reason that I don’t get this message?

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Updates notifications are released gradually so users are not bothered with every single update. If you want to stay up to date with every release, you can watch the releases page:

Ok, I understand but why updates which were shown on the screens in other topics on this forum didn’t appear in any of my work stations?
I use Anki on MacOS and three different Windows machines I have never got any info about the update.

Probably because you updated before a notification was sent out. :slight_smile: