Update full sync notification to match AnkiMobile

First off thank you to everyone that has worked on this project, you’ve made my studying easier and my future patients thank you!

The current implementation of full sync notifications in AnkiDroid is slightly confusing.



Then a confirmation screen:



I propose updating AnkiDroid to match AnkiMoible's implementation.

P.S. Even updating the button text in the first notification to say “Download from AnkiWeb” & “Upload to AnkiWeb” instead of “AnkiDroid” & “AnkiMobile” respectively, I feel, would better explain what each option does.


Perhaps something like this?

or make it 2 lines?

I’m not sure what should be copied from AnkiMobile, but the current ankidroid implementation makes you strain every time and carefully read the text.
It would be nice to visually distinguish one button from another, for example, by color or next to them visually show what is happening.
Don’t judge strictly. Example:


I’ve been using it for years but I still feel the need to carefully read the text to make sure I understand what each button is gonna do

In my opinion, using the words “AnkiDroid” and “Ankiweb” is clear enough. I don’t believe the wording needs to be changed. The confirmation pop-ups on the other hand look so similar to each other it serves no purpose unless you’re straining your eyes to look at what’s written. It’s basically the same sentence except a two-word-difference.

Now in the first pop-up, I think it would be better if buttons were horizontaly opposite to each other. Users would approach them from different directions with different thumbs which reduces the chances of accidental misclicks. I like the idea of icons that Kek raised.

Not for me. What does “AnkiDroid” mean? Is this recording or extraction in ”AnkiDroid"? It’s the same with “Ankiweb”. And there are no discrepancies with “Upload to AnkiWeb”.

With each one-way synchronization, you have to decide “AnkiDroid” is upload to AnkiDroid or download from AnkiDroid. And “Ankiweb” is upload to AnkiWeb or download from AnkiWeb.

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Well if you read the text it’s talking about which one to keep, but if it may create problem for some people, then it needs to change maybe. For me though, once you read the text and you know what they are talking about pressing the button becomes almost reflexive.

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It is not difficult to read and understand the problem is that it does not become a reflex.



It’s not hard to understand once you read it, the issue is that you need to read it carefully each time to make sure you’re doing the right thing


For me it’s a reflex BUT I need to be careful that I don’t accidentally touch the other button. AnkiMobile solves the problem by having them bigger but also in different text sizes.