Sync animation no longer occurs (2.18.3)

When I used to sync in Ankidroid, the circle arrows would spin, letting me know the syncing is occuring. Now they don’t, I just have to wait a few seconds for the popup to appear to know if the sync happened or not.

@David-- Is this animation change expected behavior?

Synchronization has been displayed like this for several versions already.


I just don’t pay attention to animations like that, so I doubt I’d notice a change! :sweat_smile:

But OP has noticed a change – so could you explain what animations you currently see? Maybe that would explain it for them.

The change only appeared very recently for me.

It seems like removing a useful visual feedback indicator is a mistake, especially as the arrows appear like they should rotate when something is happening. Why remove such a useful visual indicator in the first place?

It was not deleted, but replaced with another one. It looks strange, but I don’t think it’s that important.

In my case it was not replaced with a different animation. There is no animation anymore. In fact the sync button does not look any different, it just does not rotate anymore.

The most helpful thing you can add here is to paste your Settings > About > Copy debug info. If different OSs or hardware are reacting differently to the same version, that will be important to know.

Here it is:

AnkiDroid Version = 2.18.3 (e74513bdd21d521a7939a8b1f781123fb3ee2025)

Backend Version = 0.1.38-anki24.04.1 (24.04.1 ccd9ca1a8309b80bcb50ddc5d99c7ce63440bce9)

Android Version = 14 (SDK 34)

ProductFlavor = play

Manufacturer = Google

Model = Pixel 5

Hardware = redfin

Webview User Agent = Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 14; Pixel 5 Build/UP1A.231105.001.B2; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/124.0.6367.179 Mobile Safari/537.36

ACRA UUID = 7b8e7836-559c-48a2-9c46-1caa24251824

FSRS Enabled = false

Crash Reports Enabled = true

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The popup appears during sync. The animation Keks mentioned only appears later when media is being synced.

I have to say I’d prefer the spinning version of it as a feedback, at least when manually sync’ing.
Maybe also the popup showing incoming & outgoing changes, like on desktop. (I think Ankidroid had this popup before, too, right?)

This is not accurate. The popup does not appear during sync. It only appears after sync in complete. There is no visual indication during sync which is very annoying as it’s not clear if the sync was started or not.

Hmm… weird. I’m on the latest alpha version. I don’t think it should be different here. I always get a pop-up saying what’s being uploaded to ankiweb and then the animation goes on during media sync and I also get a notif.

Edit: I have confirmed that a pop up does appear during sync. after sync completes there’s no pop up but a snackbar saying collection synchronised.

Edit2: Also confirmed that a pop up appears even when you are not doing a one way sync.

I think it’s because I’m self-hosting it, so the sync is unusually fast (compared to syncing with AnkiWeb). The dialog simply does not pop up, only a tiny notif at the bottom after the sync is completed as mentioned by OP.

For perspective, there is a notification that says media sync is going on after that. The current animation was put there mainly for people who have notifs disabled, iirc.

After sync starts, we see a pop-up and when collections are synced completly there is a snackbar on bottom saying “collection synchronised”. I think this much should be perfect. @doaks80 Are you not seeing the pop up for some reason?

Correct, I see nothing at all until after about 5-6 seconds, then a popup appears saying “collection synchronized” or similar. During the sync, nothing happens. I have media sync disabled, but that should not make any differe.ce

That certainly doesn’t make any difference for me. But you might want to try again with that media sync settings changed. I am not sure how do we proceed from here but if you are sure that this is a bug you can open an issue in Github. Follow this link. Fill out everything in the issue form. Click submit on the bottom.

If I click on sync twice, a window appears.

Can you elaborate? I’m understanding the words, just not what’s being conveyed.

If I press the sync button once, the progress window may not appear. If you press twice, it appears. The desktop version of anki has a similar principle.