Is my one-way sync not working?

Can anyone confirm that this is working fine? I forced a one way sync here but it seems to me that the 削除 (Remove) is showing files removed from both sides?

One-way sync does not affect media.


@dae I think I now understand how I lost my media. I deleted my files after I switched to my new phone. My new phone was lost so I switched back to the old one. I did a one way sync to my old phone which didn’t import my media but I thought it did. It was probably in a later sync that my files got deleted.

What do you think about letting users do a one-way sync that also syncs media in one direction? It could be an optional feature. Would appreciate your appraisal on this.

I btw have found a recent some .apkg files which got me back most of my media and now a .colpkg file in my drive so will probably get back almost everything.

I’ve updated the manual: Mention how to prevent media deletions · ankitects/anki-manual@26c116d · GitHub


@dae I’m too dumb maybe but what you’re saying is we should log out and then log in again right?

Yes, that’s correct.

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