Unintuitive horizontal scrolling in the Card Browser


I often need to scroll horizontally in the browser, as the sort field in my cards almost always contains >10 words, and I’m using the side by side view addon, which narrows the view further. I have two different issues with the current horizontal scrolling behaviour.

1. The keyboard shortcut:

We need to hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys, and then use the scroll wheel to scroll horizontally. I feel that this is unintuitive as most programs that I know of, use Shift+ScrollWheel for horizontal scrolling. Could the devs please look into changing it to Shift+ScrollWheel.

2. The Scroll behaviour

The current behaviour when we scroll horizontally is that it tries to scroll in increments such that the view after scrolling starts with the start of a column, or when we reach the right most view, ends with the end of a column. I’d really like some smoothness or granularity in the scrolling behaviour. Please let me know if it’s unclear what I mean here.


I’m on Windows and Alt is enough to scroll horizontally. I don’t think that’s unusual. Shift seems to work like Ctrl and increases the scrolling increment.
Good point about the scrolling units. I can make a quick PR for that.


Ah, you’re right, it’s just Alt. I don’t mind it personally, but I thought it might be unintuitive for new users expecting Shift+Scroll to scroll sideways like it does in most browsers,
MS Office, PDF Software, and other commonly used programs.