Browser auto-scrolls to the left when adjusting fields

For some reason, whenever I move the fields around in the browser, the window starts automatically scrolling to the left and doesn’t stop until it has reached the leftmost border. It’s quite annoying, and it happens even on vanilla Anki (no add-ons installed).

Is this normal behavior? Is there a solution?

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Your video doesn’t seem to show the issue but I can reproduce it.

Thanks for letting me know, I removed the GIF and added a video instead.

Anyway, has your browser always behaved that way too?

Not sure. I rarely reorder columns.

It wasn’t always like this - if you can’t reproduce it in the Qt5 version of Anki, it’s likely a regression in the latest Qt.

I installed Qt5 to investigate, and it fixed the issue!

Is there a way to report bugs like this, other than just asking for help here and hope the right people see it?

I’ve logged this on Browse scrolls left after moving columns in Qt 6 · Issue #2733 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Awesome, thanks! That’s really nice of you.

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