Unable to undo saved changes

I have an exam tonight and I wanted Anki to fixed this problem immediately after reading this message. The problem is that if I accidentally delete anything in my flashcard and save it, I can’t undo back to the previous change. Is there any way for you to fix it. Please I need the change urgently :pray:. Thank you

Backups - Anki Manual

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am afraid it’s not helpful for me :frowning:

To be precise, I want a new version immediately to have a button to undo any saved changes made in the card browser section

Example: Hold any flashcard long enough, press the 3 vertical dots (I am using ankidroid by the way) and have a button to undo any saved changes. That would be very helpful.

As I mention I have an examination tonight. So immediately get to work after reading this reply

If I understand you correctly, you want to have a history of changes for every note to revert them to earlier versions?

You got the point :slight_smile:

I wish I had this kind of brazen confidence.

As per your problem, in case it isn’t already too late because of your urgent exam: Anki doesn’t keep a detailed version history per card (as it would be monstrous for even medium-sized collections), but it does create periodic backups that you can restore. Unless the changes you want to revert are weeks old, I don’t see how that doesn’t solve your problem.

Restoring a backup also doesn’t mean you need to revert all changes you’ve made since then. It’s some manual work, but you can export the notes you want to keep from the older version and import them into your newest Anki collection.

Oh, for me in this case the changes made, as of now, was a day old. I know this can be a hazzle but I hope this could be done, no matter how “monstrous” it is as you describe. Thanks for the information, I personally need this suggestion badly.

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