How to get back accidently deleted cards

I just discovered that when I thought I was hiding some cards, I was actually deleting them !! which is really annoying because I have deleted cards by accident that are very important and I don’t precisely which one.
Can someone tell me how I could get them back or at least see which cards I deleted so that I could remake them?? I have soon some exams so it’s really important for me to have all the informations.
thank you!!

You can restore from backups but that would mean losing some progress, and they may not be useful if the oldest backup was taken a couple of days ago and you have been accidentally deleting notes for some time.

Alternatively, you can try restoring individual notes from the deleted.txt file that Anki keeps in your profile folder. I don’t know how many notes Anki keeps there but it seems you can restore more notes than with the backup method.
This add-on seems to facilitate importing the notes again: Undelete deleted note - AnkiWeb
Also be sure to read the add-on docs: GitHub - Arthur-Milchior/anki-restore-deleted-note: Use deleted.txt content to put back note deleted

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Great !! thank you so much!

Because this thread is one of the top Google results for relevant queries, I want to point out another possible solution.

If you don’t mind loosing the progress you made and cards you created since your collection was last synced to AnkiWeb, you can simply revert to that most recently synced state.

To do this, go to the Network tab in the preferences, tick “On next sync, force changes in one direction”. After that is done, just click the sync button and choose “Download from AnkiWeb”.

I found this the easiest way for a situation, in which I haven’t created any new cards but just deleted something I didn’t want to delete while studying.

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