UI suggestion: use a hierarchical navigation system based on the app's workflow

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

I would like to suggest that you please implement a hierarchical navigation system. By this, I mean that at the landing/home page, a user should only be able to choose decks (and perhaps see activity stats, deck information, and other general info), then once a deck is chosen they can only choose whether to browse cards in it, add new ones, study them, etc. I’m suggesting this because I think that a multi-step navigation system may simplify using the app and make it more intuitive.

My thinking is that removing options which pertain to decks, like adding cards, when in the landing/home screen - so only providing options to choose a deck - and then once a deck is chosen providing only the ability to add, browse, and study cards makes the UI more tightly based on the workflow of the app and could make it clearer to users what they “should” be doing at each stage of the workflow of the app.

In other words, the multiple stages of the app’s main workflow would be as follows:

  1. In the landing screen, choose a deck: only see navigation elements needed to choose decks, and perhaps also show summary information about the decks and the user’s activity (along with the options to make new decks or import them from elsewhere)
  2. Once a deck is chosen, a user chooses whether to study its cards, add a card, or browse/review its cards, so these should be the only navigation elements visible (along with detailed settings about that deck)
  3. Browse/add/study cards within a chosen deck: this is the bottom level of the workflow, so the only navigation elements needed here are those to go back up through the levels, for example “done”, “back”, or “cancel” buttons

Thank you for your time and consideration.