UI suggestion: integrate "Sync" into the File, Edit, Tools, Help menu

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

I would like to suggest that you please consider moving “Sync” from the second menu (Decks, Add, Browse, Stats, Sync) into the first one (File, Edit, Tools, Help). I am suggesting this because the items in the second menu generally relate to frequent “navigational” changes to the main actions that the user would make while using Anki, for example opening a deck or adding a card to a deck. Synchronisation, by contrast, is not a separate view that users open nor one of the more frequent fundamental/basic actions users will take while using Anki. I think it makes most sense to have the option to manually synchronise data under “Tools”, though I think that making syncing mostly automatic would be most beneficial to UX.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I agree that the Sync button being located where it currently is, makes little logical sense.

HOWEVER, the Sync is such a key and oft-used feature that where it currently is makes FUNCTIONAL sense.

It allows you to sync at the click of one button without digging into menus, and also serves as a convenient sync status indicator (as the Sync text turns blue or red when Anki wants you to sync).

The cost to aesthetics is worth it in this case, IMO.


Having a menu item with key bindings for sync could be good – the sync state could still be flashed in the main window when the sync via menu is triggered.