TypeError failed to fetch

I am noticing that I randomly get the “TypeError: Failed To Fetch” message on my Anki. I am running image occlusion enhanced and awesomeTTS on m1 mac.

This happened when my Anki is fullscreen and not in focus, not sure if it happens outside.

Most likely coming from AwesomeTTS

Consider the solutions:

For AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards

Image occlusion is miles behind what Image Occlusion Enhanced is capable of, so I’ll be keeping it for the foreseeable future.

What’s the difference between awesomeTTS and hyperTTS? Which is better for the long run?

HyperTTS is a new addon from the maintainer of AwesomeTTS and Language Tools. It is inspired by AwesomeTTS, but rewritten from scratch. It has all the same features as AwesomeTTS.

What’s new compared to AwesomeTTS? Watch Video: HyperTTS vs AwesomeTTS Voices from all services are displayed together. Much easier to listen to sound samples. Much easier to experiment with text processing rules. Easier addition of sound from the editor, with a single button click. Ogg support.

Is HyperTTS Free ? Yes HyperTTS is free to use, same as AwesomeTTS. It offers free services such as Google Translate, Naver Papago, Collins, and more to come. Some services such as Amazon, Azure are premium services, and you’ll need to have an API key to use those. In some cases you can get a free API key.

I don’t study for language learning, but in this case would stick with HyperTTS because it has the base features of awesomeTTS, and Hyper enhancements + it is up-to-date

I also got this error message just after I wake my laptop from sleep. I am running Anki 23.10.1

Does it happen with all add-ons disabled? If so, can you reproduce it reliably?

I will keep an eye on this issue and report here.

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