"TypeError Failed to Fetch" on Windows 11

This error comes up when I try to edit an image occlusion enhanced card, then anki freezes. I have the latest anki version, Qt6 variant. After I just updated my Windows 11, the error still occurs but this time without “TypeError Failed to Fetch” error message.

Please let me know if the attached media files are working.
Thanks in advance.

I am also using Review Heatmap. I only got these 2 add-ons as of now

another example of freezing just now

If that message appears while Anki is on the congratulations screen, it is a bug that will be fixed in the next update. If it happens at other times, it’s either a separate bug or an issue with an add-on.

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It only happens to me when I edit an already made Image Occlusion Enhanced card. I tried disabling the other Add-On but the problem still persists. I believe it might be an Image Occlusion Enhanced exclusive bug in my case. (To my knowledge IOE add-on hasn’t been updated since a while, so it makes sense that the bug persists with this specific add-on)

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