"TypeError: Failed to Fetch"

Using shortcuts “s” for study and “d” for decks, pressing them in succession (e.g. s > d > s > d) yields the error pictured below:


I can think of why this might happen, but don’t seem to be able to reproduce it on my computer - not sure if it’s a difference in environment, or whether it’s already been fixed in the development code.

Alright, thanks! I’d also like to note that when returning to decks immediately after finishing a subdeck (or even returning from a completed subdeck) my screen is blank - for example I finish the last card and very quickly press “D” to return to decks - if I do this fast enough I get stuck on a white screen and need to press “S” again to allow the completion page to load before returning to decks

I’ve added this to Investigate page-loading race conditions · Issue #1137 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Are you still able to reproduce this in the latest Anki?

Nope, haven’t noticed this issue in 6 months or more so it was probably squashed somewhere along the way

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