Two type-in-the answer fields for different languages


I created a deck for pictures, I have three fields, 1st is Picture, 2nd is the English word for the picture and 3rd is the Persian word for the pictures, so every card has a picture with 2 answers in a different language. The problem I have is related to the 3rd field for the second language, and when I type the answer for the first and then the second one, the result is the same as the first field answer and doesn’t show the correct answer for the second language (in my case is the Persian Language). I don’t how to fix it to have two or more fields to give the same answer with different languages.

The front template is:

<div style='font-family: "Arial"; font-size: 20px;'>{{type:EN}}</div>
<div style='font-family: "Arial"; font-size: 20px;'>{{type:فارسی}}</div>

Only one typing comparison can be used on a card. If you add the above text multiple times, it will not work.

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So there’s no way to have multiple types-in-answer fields to give answers to a question in multiple languages?

You could create a second card template for the other language: Card Templates - Anki Manual

This restriction isn’t due to any technical difficulty, it’s intentional. A card should test one thing only, because testing multiple things at once will make it difficult to rate your card.

It’s very unlikely for two things to have the exact same difficulty.


I think that there is a valid use case for having 2 type in fields, or at least a single type in field that is a combination of 2 fields.

For languages that have gender it’s common to have to learn the gender of a word as well as the word itself. It can be better to have a note design that has a field for the gender identifier, eg. der/die/das in German, and another field for the word itself. In that case ideally you’d have a single type in field that has a value that is the combination of those 2 fields.