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Two more flags requested

The flags are extremely useful to me and what would I give for two more flags, or even one more flag! Many thanks!

Space was only reserved for 7 flags, so I’m afraid more probably won’t be added in the near future.

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I only have 4. How do I get access to the other 3?

Just update your Anki. They were introduced in 2.1.45 I think.


UPDATE. I just found the rest of the flags. I am thrilled! Thanks.

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Is it possible to change the color of the Turquoise flag as it is hard to distinguish from the green flag? How about yellow? Also, any chance to be able to put two flags at one time? Even if the answer to both of these questions is NO, I am so grateful for the additional flags from the four I had.

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Two or more flags simultaneously, if that’s technically possible, would be really useful. I also find the two colours difficult to distinguish.
+1 to both requests.

Multiple flags at once are unlikely to happen in the near future, as the way they are handled would need to be completely changed. We can tweak the hue of turquoise or green to make them easier to distinguish (suggestions welcome). Switching to a different colour entirely would mean the translations would need to translate new text, so I’d prefer to avoid that if possible.

Tweak in the hue sounds great!

In terms of suggested colors to distinguish two of the flags, I recommend a light green vs a dark green.

Differentiating colours by value (lightness) is not really an option, because they have to work in both of Anki’s colour schemes. A dark green would look muddy in night mode, whereas a light green would look pale in day mode. So we have to use different hues and then create both a light and a dark variant for each of it.
Furthermore, the colours also need to be identifiable by name. If you see an isolated green flag, it would be hard to tell if it’s the light or the dark green flag.

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How about either aquamarine OR teal to replace the turquoise?

These are all quite similar, so we would probably get away with keeping the name, which is a plus. But I think whether that would be an improvement depends on the exact execution. If you have access to the source code, you could try your luck with anki/sass/_vars.scss.
Also, I remembered that it’s even more involved than I wrote yesterday. We not only have day and night modes, flag colours also have a foreground and a background role. So we actually need four variants per hue.

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