TTS in hints doesn't work

I would like to pronounce the hint but only when I’m tapping on it. Unfortunately it’s beginning to play immediately after viewing the card.

{{tts pt_PT speed=0.8:Example}}

Any solutions?

There is no fine tuning of tts or audio in ANKI. General setting for automatic sound playback: Deck Options - Anki Manual

The only thing I can offer you is to play the silence audio file before the audio. Then you will have time to think before the audio prompts are played.

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It could be very logical to design such feature - y tap on Hint link and the hint becoming visible and pronounced

I’m not sure whether AnkiDroid could add this feature – but I did note that in AnkiDesktop, audio and hint fields are incompatible.

It is not currently possible to use a hint field for audio — the audio will play regardless of whether you’ve clicked on the hint link. Field Replacements - Anki Manual

It seems possible that the same would go for TTS.


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