Triple Infomation

Hello forum,

I want to learn the periodic table and for each element I want to learn three data points. f.e.:
O - Oxygen - 8

now I want to create a card deck which has always one information on the front side and two information on the back side. f.e.

  1. O / Oxygen-8
  2. Oxygen / O-8
  3. 8 / O-Oxygen

Does anyone have a an Idea how to create this without having to enter everything three times for each element?



You can add two additional card types to your notetype to achieve this: Card Templates - Anki Manual

In the editor, click the “Cards…” button to open the template editor, then hit “Options” on the top-right and select “Add Card Type”.

Before you go ahead, make sure you understand Field Replacements - Anki Manual.