Tried to implement syntax highlighter for card template editor

  • Need to handle more regex
  • Need to handle nighmode
  • Update better color style
  • Handle HTML,CSS,JS

I’d like to port the card layout screen to a Svelte page in the not-too-distant future, so that it can be shared between the clients. Unfortunately that will mean your QSyntaxHighter approach won’t be usable - we’d need to use something like CodeMirror instead.

I can start working on porting of note editor, as I have gain experience with implementation of image occlusion. It will difficult but will be interesting.

Thanks Mani, help would be welcome. Please hold off for now, as I have a partially-complete migration of the code to Sveltekit that is likely to cause conflicts. Once that’s completed (or discarded if I can’t work through the issues), I’ll create a ticket where we can discuss the design, and give you a ping.

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