Is there a built in syntax highlighting for code?

I found this addon:

However, it hasn’t been updated since 2018. Wondering if Anki has a built in syntax highlighting, or is there some alternative?

Thank you for reading.

There is no built-in syntax highlighting available - but that may also be because the add-on does the job perfectly as it is. I’m a computer science researcher and I have yet to find any issue with the addon.

Personally, I recommend enabling the option to use css classes by going to Tools >> Syntax Highlighting Options ... and making sure all boxes are checked. This formats the code snippets using css which you can customize as you see fit. For instance, I use it to make comments bolder and a different color for better visibility:

For maximum benefit, I recommend getting the CSS Injector Add-On as well, which lets you apply the same css classes directly in your editor as well.

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Thank you ODeer!

Will try it out, and CSS Injector.

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You can also try this addon. It doesn’t break your card’s html code with html/css elements (like Syntax Highlighting for Code) and it doesn’t modify your card templates (like some other addons).


Thank you!

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