Tópico para informar erros em meus baralhos

Responda neste tópico se você encontrar algum erro ou tiver alguma sugestão para os baralhos que eu compartilhei.

Reply to this topic if you find any errors or have any suggestions for the decks I shared.

Hi, could you include the link to the shared deck here as well?

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Hello, thanks for your suggestion! Sure I can include the links!

I tried to edit my original post, but looks like I can’t do it because of some time limit. Therefore, I’ll add them here, and I believe that I’ll have to create future multiple posts every time I create a new deck.

I also would like to point out that I’m new to Anki (it came to my knowledge and I’ve installed it only 3 days ago), so I’m still learning how to get the best of it. I intend to create and share decks mainly in Portuguese (Brazilian), because I’ve noticed a lack of content in this language and it’s my native language.

I also need to say that I already add this topic’s URL to any deck that I create (in the “Support URL” field).

So, here we go! Until now, these are my decks, but I intend to create much more in the future:

  1. # Bandeiras dos Países
  2. # Brasil - Bandeiras dos Estados e Capitais

These are all in Brazilian-Portuguese.

P.S.: I received an alert saying that new users can include only 2 (two) links in a post. :sweat: I don’t really see the point of this. Anyway, I’ll add the third deck bellow, in a new post.

  1. # Brasil - Estados, Capitais e Regiões

Also in PT-BR.