Three add ons that I am using that I think are well worth while

Custom background and Gear Icon, not using the Gear Icon part but the custom background works a treat.

Large and colourful buttons. You get some big buttons for navigating your cards, I modified the CSS to make the Show Answer button much longer and now I typically don’t have to move my mouse between card changes. After show answer I am hovering over the button I want.

Edit field during review. This is AWSOME, you can be studying notice a problem in a card, fix the issue without having to open the edit box.

Thank you to the very clever people that made Anki and those clever people that make the Add ons.


You may alreаdy know this, but you can press those buttons with Space / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 and it will be even faster. :sunglasses:


No I didn’t know that, thank you! I obviously missed that when I didn’t read the directions fully :thinking:

I experimented,
clicking the keyboard is no quicker than clicking the mouse
with my desk setup clicking the mouse is more comfortable over time than clicking the keyboard ( I can rest my arm on a desk return)

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Oh, well… hahahah

For me the keyboard is really quick, cause I can have the four fingers already in place (and also the space), and thus I can do everything with the left hand in place, no need to even move it.

With the mouse it bothered to me having to drag it from one button to the other depending on which option I needed to press.