"This Deck" under "Daily Limits"

I’m still getting used to Option Groups being called presets, I think I got is mostly, except I want to make sure I understand the This deck column under Daily Limits

I am thinking this would be the same as cloning the current preset except the new preset would have different Daily Limits. Except the column is grayed out so I can’t really click in there, so maybe it has some other function?

You should be able to click on them / the color should change as you hover over it.

I was clicking under the This deck and Today Only columns because I was expecting to type in like a spreadsheet. Finally I realized those are not columns, those are tabs! So This deck setting would override the option preset in that case? I thought that would be a case for creating a deck specific preset.

It allows you to place a separate limit on that deck while keeping the other options from the current preset.

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