There is something inconvenient

Hello. I’m using anki thankfully.

There is an inconvenience in the recently released Anki. (since version 2.1.54)
It is inconvenient for Awesome TTS code to be displayed in the Sort Fields tab of Explorer.
(It doesn’t show up until version 2.1.53)
Is there any way to make Awesome TTS code not visible in Sort Fields tab?
If there is no way, I would appreciate it if you could improve it in the next version.

Because I used a translator, the sentence may not be smooth. Please excuse me. Thank you.

To avoid the media filename being shown, the media needs to be saved in a different field.

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Every card’s front field has a media filename, so it’s almost impossible to edit it individually. (The number of cards is approximately 10,000)

I’m sad

Until version 2.1.53, the media filename was not displayed in the front field, but from version 2.1.54 onwards, the media filename is displayed in the front field, which is embarrassing.

Are there any plans to change it so it doesn’t appear in Explorer like it did in versions prior to 2.1.53?

I think the fast way to edit all notes at once is:

  1. Add note id
  2. export notes to .txt
  3. Open in a text editor (e.g. Notepad++)
  4. Use Search and “Replace All” function to place a tab stop in front of each [sound:oxford
  5. In Anki, add a new field (called Audio, for example) after the 앞면 field
  6. Import your modified .txt
  7. In the card layouts, add {{Audio}} (or however you named the new field) after {{앞면}}

I haven’t tested this myself

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Thank you for your kind reply.
However, there is a reason for inserting the media filename in the front field.
Because it was intended to have both the question and the sound come out at the same time.
Therefore, I have no choice but to downgrade Anki to version 2.1.53 and use it.
I wonder if other users don’t feel uncomfortable.

I addressed this with step 7

앞면 is just the name of a field. You can put any field on the front template of a card. If you put both {{앞면}} and the Audio field that you will have added on the front template, they show up together on the front side of any card that uses this template. As a result, your cards will look the same as before.

More info: Card Templates - Anki Manual