The way reviews are merge is strange don't you think?

If the same card has been reviewed in two different locations, both reviews will be marked in the revision history, and the card will be kept in the state it was when it was most recently answered.

Let’s say you have two phones, A and B, and no internet for a few days.
From what I understand from the doc, if I saw a mature card on phone A and get it wrong, then on the next day, I saw it on phone B and get it right, then I sync the two phones. this mature card will be considered known and like I didn’t make a mistake.
But it should be considered as I got it wrong then right and I should see it again in 3 days, don’t you think?

Yep, it is strange because Anki couldn’t reschedule the card with its recent two review logs. You can use FSRS4Anki and FSRS4Anki Helper. It could adapt to your memory and reschedule all your cards based on their entire review history.

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