The tool bar does not display the cloze button

Dear sir/madam.
Can you keep the tool bar showing the cloze button? I found that a cloze template I am using cannot display the cloze button, which is very inconvenient

This link is my cloze template

That is not a cloze note type - cloze deletions can only be used on the cloze notetype. If you have a cloze note selected, the […] button will appear.

I’m sure this is a cloze note type
It just supports adding some expanded content

It is not a cloze note type, it is a normal note type. Notice how only the first card has been generated, even though there are multiple cloze deletions in your example deck. Cloze deletion will only work properly if the note type is based upon the standard Cloze note type, not the Basic note type.

Ok, I see. Thanks for your answer
But the button can be displayed on the PC side, so I want to ask if it can also be displayed on the ios side?

It’s not intended to be used for normal note types, so if anything, the button is likely to be removed from the computer version in the future.

Okay, thanks for your patience