The problem of blocking speech with a white tape

When I opened the Anki program today and started reviewing the questions, some questions appeared to me, which are obscured by a white tape in addition to the answers, and I remember that I did not put anything on the question when I added it+ this problem appeared in added questions more than a month ago !!!

I suspect that is formatting – like a white background/text highlight – that was copied into these fields. If you didn’t see it before, it’s possible you were using the “Light” Theme, so the text would have been black and the background of the field was already white, so it didn’t look like anything.


There are a few ways to fix it –

  • You can open the HTML view of the field < >, and remove the formatting yourself.
    • (Even if you choose another method, you might want to take a look at this first. If you have other text in other notes with the same problem, knowing what it looks like will help you search for those notes so you can fix them too.)
  • You can use the format “eraser” – click the drop-down to fine-tune what formatting it removes.
  • You can change the text highlight color yourself, but unless you actually want this text to be highlighted, this is the least effective method, because it will show a consistent color regardless of background and text color.

Well thank you I have solved the problem, but how do I prevent the appearance of these colors in the future because they will be wasted on time and every time I will use the eraser to remove them

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If you paste with shift held down, or in night mode, the background should not be included.