How to remove dark mode showing white highlighted text from many cards at once?

Here is a screenshot of the problem. My cards have multiple words with highlighted text and I want to remove them to be able to use the black background mode. There are hundreds of cards like this I dont know why but I wanted to remove it. I tried downloading the formatting batch remover add-on but its not compatible with the latest version that Im using. Help :frowning:

Yes, you can definitely remove it – but we can’t be sure exactly what methods will work without looking under the hood.

Have you found where that formatting is coming from?

  • The text in the fields of your note? – If it isn’t obvious in the note editor, open the HTML view by clicking on the < > above the field.
  • The template that makes this card? – Manage Note Types > Cards > Front/Back templates
  • The Styling for this note type? – Manage Note Types > Cards > Styling

From the screenshot, it looks like the most likely explanation is that the text has been copied&pasted from a website that is white on black. If you open such a card in the editing screen, does the text appear like that there too? If so, you may be able to resolve the issue by selecting the text, then clicking on the “remove formatting” button (the eraser)

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