How to disable the white line in Night Mode?

Hi guys,

In Anki 2.1.29, when I activate night mode, there is this white line between front field and back field:


How can I make this line disappear? Or change it’s color into something that less noticeable?

(In the past, I used the add-on Night Mode and it did not have this white line and I was happy with the add-on. However the add-on does not work with Anki 2.1.29 so I have no options other than using Anki built-in night mode)

Thank you.

change <hr id=answer> in your back template to <hr style="margin: 18px; border-color: grey;" id=answer>
this makes the line a bit thinner, you can change the color by changing grey to whatever color you want

you can remove it by changing it to <br>


Thank you @ mmdj2

no problem :slight_smile: