The latest version of ios cannot display the template normally

Dear sir/madam.
I use a template from
Previously, due to anki version update, it could not be used normally.Using the solution in the comment area, it can be displayed normally in the previous ios version. But the latest version of anki cannot display this template normally.(I directly updated from 2.0.63 to 2.0.65)
So how to solve the problem to make it compatible with IOS.

This link is my modified template

As shown in the figure, the content cannot be displayed normally

This looks like a bug - I will investigate what has caused it. In the mean time, have you considered just switching to {{ and }} instead? I think it should now work on AnkiDroid as well, as I believe they’ve changed the template handling behaviour recently.

Sorry, I am not quite sure about the modification.
And I just noticed that the latest version of the pc terminal cannot be displayed normally(2.1.3)
But 2.1.26 can be displayed normally

I will have a beta out in a few days with a fix that you can try.

Does ankimobile have a testflight plan? Or say I went to test the beta version on pc

Yes, there is a TestFlight - please see

The next beta will probably be a few more days I’m afraid - I will send you an invite when it’s ready.