The Holy Quran - Medina Font

Asalam Alaykum Everybody

This is the whole of the 604 pages of the Holy Quran - The Final Testament. Each page being a single card. The Question will be the first sentence of the page where the student should recall the whole page based on being shown the first line of the page as text.

The purpose of this deck is to simplify the approach of Memorizing the Quran based on the most familar font used by the Medina typography. The images are also clear non colorized with no distractions to maximize photographic memory.

Search for the Deck using:
:open_book: Holy Quran - Medina Font | القرآن الكريم - الرسم المدني

  • its the one with the Open Book Emoji :open_book:
  • If you do find any issue with the typed text that are prompted as questions; kindly let me know as to update the deck.

How to Use:

  1. Import the Deck which is the whole Quran 604 pages.
  2. Create a New Deck where you add the targeted or intended pages to learn from the newly imported Whole Quran Deck.
  3. Keep adding pages from the Whole Quran Deck to your newly created deck as you progress. It could be one or more depending on your ambition.
  4. Start Studying from your newly created deck.
  5. You will be prompted the starting sentance of a Page from the Quran; you are to recite it from memory.
  6. Click show answer and select one of the 2 choices FAIL or PASS (see addons for details) depending if you made a mistake or not.
  7. Anki will guide you on your journey based on the 3 type of Cards. New Cards & Learning Cards - Review Cards.


  1. Since the student is reciting from memory a whole page you should allow 300 seconds (5 min) for the whole page or a similar amount of time or even less depending on how fast you want the student to recite. Otherwise if the time passes the page will not be considered as successful by Anki.


  1. Auto Ease Factor: This Addon auto adjusts the Ease Factor that the default Anki settings may lead to what is called as “Ease Hell” where pages are shown so many times if the student fails many times initially, Anki has no way to fix this. Thus this Addon should fix the problem. Also this addon allows only for FAIL or PASS options for each page instead of the default 4 options which is a non-standardized approach to memorizing a Page. The Quran should be Perfectly memorized not kind of Memorized. All or Nothing Approach. Code [1672712021]
  2. Review Heatmap: Shows you visually the days you are Learning the Quran with regards to the Year and the number of continous days etc. Code [1771074083]
  3. True Retention: This gives more detailed stats for your Quran Memorization, basically it gives you a Score for your Memorization of the Quran. To access this addon hold Shift when clicking on Stats, you will be able to see more insights to your Quran journey. Code [613684242]

May Allah guide us All to him with his book enlighting the path towards him in the darkness.


Can you share a direct link to the deck here? I can’t find it by searching.

Absolutely … I tried adding link the forum wouldn’t allow me. The deck is pending the first 24 hour approval for copyright check by Ankiweb it should show when you search in about 8 hours in sha Allah

I happy to inform you it is now on the Shared Decks …


The Deck is now Published