The cloze cards repeat the audio once more when the gap answer is shown

On the front side of the cloze card the audio is playing, so I have to guess the answer. When I click “show the answer”, the audio plays again.

Would someone please tell me how to configure the cloze card to play the audio only once (on the front side)?

Would you please post a screenshot of the Front and Back card templates?



As far as I remember, there is no built in way to prevent an audio file from playing again after flipping the card, if the Back template also has the field containing the audio file reference.

Maybe you could try one of these workarounds:

  1. Create a new field and move all the audio files/references to it. Include this new field in the Front template only. E.g.

  2. [Hacky solution] add this code to the Back template. It will prevent the automatic reprodution of any audio file on the back side of the card.

<div id="audioDecoy" hidden>[sound:silence.mp3]</div>

    var blockAudio = document.querySelector('#audioDecoy .replay-button');
    if (blockAudio) {; }
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It worked! Thank you very much!

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