The button to play sound is too big

Bug: anki-2.1.36-beta5: It is much bigger than the text. That leads to the situation, that the intervals between lines are not equal. It should be 3.5…4 times smaller.

Hi, 2.1.36 was released, and .37 is about to be released. Can you reproduce this issue with the latest 2.1.37 release candidate?

Alternatively, you can resize the button at any size you want by adding styling to the card template. From the manual:

.replay-button svg {
  width: 20px;
  height: 20px;

you can change the 20 pixels for whatever you feel is right for you.

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With a pleasure. But where are the wheels files for it? I can not find them.

Is it default now?

you can download it here

There is no .whl files

According to Anki Beta Builds Documentation, beta builds now can be installed via pip. I just tried installing 2.1.37rc1 via pip on Linux(Xubuntu 20.04 LTS) and there was no problems.

The default size of a replay button is currently 40px. Here is the relevant part of the source code:

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That’s exactly, what I told. I’m sure you should make 20px by default