"Tabbing" to the tags field while adding/editing notes breaks tabbing functionality (Desktop/macOS)

I press tab and shift-tab to navigate between fields when adding/editing notes. If I tab after the last field, my cursor moves to the tags field, and from there I can’t shift-tab back to the previous field, forcing me to use my mouse like an absolute peasant.

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Tab navigation is a bit broken in the editor at the moment, but if your goal is to get to the Add button, it’s easier to use ctrl/cmd+enter to add the card.

With Ctrl+Shift+T (on Linux, might be different on Mac) you can unfocus the tags field. This allows to then tab into the first field like the noble knight you are.
The same key combination also allows you to jump straight to the tags field from any other fields. Turly a feat worthy for kings.


Aha. Thank you for saving me years of my life.

Even still, this is probably still a bug that should be fixed.

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