Syncing speed varies across high end computer brands


I am having a weird issue where anki syncs fairly quickly on some models of computer and very slowly on others - on the same internet connection.

This is a pretty major issue for me as its limiting me from buying computers I want because I don’t know if they will have this syncing issue or not - rendering the laptop useless if it has this syncing issue with anki.
So now I can only buy from companies that have a opened items returns policy.

-------------TERRIBLE syncing ----------------

Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6, i5 8th Gen, 8 GB Ram
Sync stuck on 0.4 kb DL, 0.2 kB UL for almost 3-5 minutes before finishing.

Surface Pro Gen 6
Gets stuck on “Checking Media” for about 2 minutes

---------------GOOD - no syncing issues ------------

Surface GO Gen 1 Intel Gold Processor
Syncing is pretty fast - doesn’t get stuck

Desktop - i7 6700, 32 GB Ram
Syncing is pretty fast - doesn’t get stuck

MacBook Pro i5/MacBook Air i3
Syncing is pretty fast - doesn’t get stuck

XPS 13 - 7390 - 2 in 1 - i7 10th Series, 8 GB Ram
Syncing is very fast - doesn’t get stuck

I tried the following but its still occurring
letting anki through firewall/windows defender
reinstalling anki
downgrading anki

Thanks for any advice!

Are you running the latest Anki version on the computers you’re having trouble with? It sounds like the delay is during media folder scanning, which is faster in more recent Anki versions.

Yes latest version and still having that issue. Although can’t test latest version on the Surface Pro as I sold it due to this issue.

So is media folder scanning limited by CPU or Internet Speed?

“0.4 kb DL, 0.2 kB” is not shown in recent Anki releases, so either you’re getting a different message, or you were not testing with the latest Anki version. Please confirm you’re on .33 in the about screen, and if problems persist, make a short video that shows what you’re seeing.