Syncing Error on Desktop

I am getting the error message below every time I attempt to sync.

{A network error occurred

Error details ;error sending request from url () error trying to connect: The token supplied to the function is invalid (os error -2146893048)}

Anyone who have also encountered this one and how did you resolve this.

Hoping for a prompt response.

Many thanks!


Do you use a proxy, VPN or third-party antivirus? Are you on a work or school network?

I do use a VPN.

Anki needs to be able to make a TLS1.2 connection to AnkiWeb - perhaps your VPN is preventing this for some reason. Tried turning it off?

Will do it.Thanks!

I have the same problem (Windows 10), but it only occured recently.

Never had an issue before and I don’t use a VPN. Any ideas? (Possibly it started with the recent update, but I’m not sure as I wasn’t using Anki for a while now.)

I also tried 1) restarting Anki in safe mode (holding shift key), 2) deleting and reinstalling Anki, 3) restarting Windows. Also, the Android version still works fine.

Do you use an antivirus?

Thank’s for the fast reply.

I don’t have antivirus software other than the one integrated into Windows 10 (Windows Defender). I deactivated it, just in case, but it did not work. Still I’m getting the same message.

I also tried to repair the database of Anki, but it seems to be ok (and also works fine on the mobile version).

Side note: If it was possible to add images to cards in the web version, I wouldn’t need the desktop client at all.

I’m afraid it seems to be a specific issue with your system. Some brief Googling yields the following, which may or may not help.

Thanks for the help. You were correct, the error was due to my system.


  1. Removed malware with AdwClean
  2. Deactivated all proxy settings of Windows 10

Apparantly, Anki helped me to realize my system was infected with malware, so thank’s for that :slight_smile:

P.S.: I still wished the web version had image support!

Glad to hear you were able to find the cause of the issue!