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I have been having trouble syncing my devices into one account. I’m using iphone, iMac (anki version 2.1.66), and MacBook (anki version 2.1.65). Every time I hit sync the attached picture appears. How can I solve this problem without losing my information that I have edited?
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There’s no way past this screen but to pick one of the options. The important question is – before you made the changes on this device, were all of your devices fully in sync?

If your devices were fully in sync, the only changes you’ve made are on this device. You want to Upload to AnkiWeb to send your changes to your other devices. (When you next sync on those devices, you want to Download from AnkiWeb to receive this one-way sync.

If your devices were not fully in sync, you need to think about what changes to you have on what devices – edits, new notes/cards, study history – so we can figure out how to rescue as much as possible with some crafty exports and backups.

[And then in the future, you should always sync when you open Anki and when you leave Anki on every device.]

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You should find that message stops appearing once you upload from one device, and then download from the others.

I have been using the same account for all three devices, and I am using my MacBook as the one I make changes on, but when I sync on my MacBook after finishing my edits, it won’t transfer to my iphone nor to my iMac. I am not sure how to tell if my device has fully synced or not. My main changes are adding cards and editing the existing cards.

What I understood from you is that since I’m using my MacBook as the one where I make the changes on, I should select the “upload to AnkiWeb” then on my other devices, I should select download from AnkiWeb?

Also, does it matter that each device has different Anki version?

Read carefully what I wrote – it depends on whether your devices were in-sync before you made whatever changes you need to sync now. Even if you’ve been editing/adding cards only on your MacBook, if you’ve been studying cards on your other devices, then they have review history that would be overwritten.

Once your devices are out-of-sync, you need to be careful to get them back in-sync, so you don’t lose any data. These instructions for dealing with multiple profiles talk about what you might need to do. Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how far apart the versions are.