Synchro mistake

I have try my best to solve this problem.I use the clash VPN and stop the fire block.but it doesn’t work .Can anybody help me.I really need help.

My guess is it’s either an unreliable international internet connection/VPN, or a problem with your proxy settings.

Actually I use the different VPN and clash.But It still don’t work.I don’t know why.I works well before

Hi, so I have an exam soon
And looking at the time anki says I should finish the deck, I should be fine.
However, why isn’t it showing me cards from other subdecks, within the subject. I have a subject, then two big subdecks within the subject, then the smaller subdecks. E.g, a deck for computer science with all the different subdecks for each unit for the content, then within computer science another subdeck called programming, with all the subdecks of content.
how would I finish in time If it is not doing that?

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