Sync server implementations - confusion between ankicommunity and ankitects GitHub orgs

For some wider context see here on GitHub (sorry I can’t post links on the forum)

While using the TrueNAS SCALE Anki app from TrueCharts, which still relies on the ankicommunity/anki-devops-services, which relies on kuklinistvan/anki-sync-server, I’m getting this error when using Anki Desktop 23.10 after I log in and try to sync:
JsonError { info: “missing field media_usn at line 1 column 114” }

Then, if you CAREFULLY read [Anki manual sync-server guide link that I can’t post due to forum restriction] […]

The unofficial sync server implementations - that are now incompatible with AnkiDesktop 23.10 - are still very popular. If you search in google “anki sync server”, the second and fourth results are from ankicommunity. The TrueCharts TrueNAS app also uses them. In google the sync guide is first, but because both ankicommunity and Ankitects have Rust and Python sync server implementations, it’s easy to mistake the sync servers shown in the sync guide for the ones from ankicommunity (since they rank in Google so high and have their own separate repos, and Ankitects’ servers are nested in the main anki repo)

In the ankicommunity/.github/issue/1:

Sure, there’s the sync guide [link to anki sync server manual that I can’t post due to forum restriction] that gives you instructions, but:
I thought [sync-server guide link]#with-pip that this just installs ankicommunity/anki-sync-server (since name is similar and is written in Python)
I thought that [sync-server guide link]#with-cargo that this just installs ankicommunity/anki-sync-server-rs (name is similar and written in rust)

In my opinion the Anki manual should be more clear in making the distinction between community implementations and the official Ankitects implementation. This should help avoid some extraneous support issues being created. I’ve already spread some breadcrumbs in some issues, as linked.

The very first sentence of the docs says “Anki 2.1.57+ includes a built-in sync server”, and it also says " * Third-party sync servers also exist. No testing is done against them, and they tend to take time to catch up when the sync protocol changes, so they are not recommended.", so I think we’re making it clear enough on our end that it’s not a separate project. I think this needs to be solved on ankicommunity’s end by making their README pages clearer, as has been pointed out on Re-brand sync server implementations to prevent confusion · Issue #1 · ankicommunity/.github · GitHub