JsonError { info: "missing field `media_usn` at line 1 column 113" }

Hey there,

I am facing sync issues with Anki, it failfs with the messages shown in the title. I already strumbled upon a similar issue which suggested upgrading the Anki server: in resolved-jsonerror-on-ipad-missing-field-media-usn/36984

I am running Anki Desktop 23.12.1 (Flatpak Variant) and installed the sync server using cargo install --git (official anki git repo) --tag 23.12.1 anki-sync-server. Still, the sync issue won’t go away. Is there anything else I need to do for the media_usn to work?

Thanks in advance!

That message seems to indicate that you’re still running an older sync server. Maybe you need to restart it?

I did restart the server but I had the old server bin lying around in another path, so the new server was never used. The issue is fixed now :slight_smile:
Is there any way to show the version of a given server binary? Might be useful for future cases

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