[Resolved] JsonError on iPad: missing field media_usn

Hi guys,

When I sync on my iPad I get the following error:

JsonError { info: "missing field media_usn at line 1 column 114" }

I use a custom server, refer to Anki’s official guide.

I searched for related information on the Internet, and there was a related discussion on Github ([BUG]: JsonError when syncing with custom sync server on v2.17alpha2 · Issue #14635 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub), but it was about ankidroid. I’ve tried the suggestions in the post, including upgrading the linux server’s anki program to the latest version (currently 23.10), and the problem still occurs.

Currently, this problem is only encountered on iPad, and other devices (including Windows and Android) can be synchronized normally.

Has anyone encountered similar problems? Thanks for any suggestions.

If you’re getting that error, it implies your server is not updated to 23.10.

Thanks for your answer, it’s exactly what you pointed out.

I just updated the system’s anki before. When I look at anki in the env environment, it’s not 23.10.

I updated anki in env to the latest version and the problem disappeared.

Thanks again for your guidance.

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