Sync Learned to TickTick [Support Thread]

Support thread for all questions related to the “Sync Learned to TickTick” Addon.

“Sync Learned to TickTick” syncs your daily “studied today” stat to a habit on the TickTick platform.
This can be useful for visualising your daily learning process but also to simply keep yourself motivated.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this Addon right here!
Please check the documentation below if your are unsure that you have everything set up correctly.

Fill these in before use! The Addon won’t work with these left blank.

  • username: Your TickTick Mail

  • password: Your TickTick Password.

Info: TickTick sends your password via. HTTPS which is secure, but you should still be careful because adding it here adds it to a file on your computer! If you are uncertain about adding your password here you can check the complete source code of this Addon by clicking “View Files” on the right side of the Addon-Window.

This addon syncs only by the habit name, so feel free to change the habit in TickTick as you please. The only thing that this addon changes is the card count of the current date.
Automatically syncs when the “sync” button is pressed or activated in any other way.

These fields configure the plugin for your personal use. Keep in mind that you can also sync the plugin to a already existing habit by entering its name as the habit_name here.

  • habit_name: The name of the habit in TickTick. Warning, this has to match the case-sensitive name of the habit. If you change the name in TickTick, change it here as well!

  • target: Daily target for cards. Only affects the habit if it is newly created

  • unit_name: Name of the units. Only affects the habit if it is newly created

Known Restriction
This Addon will not work if you are at your habit-limit! (5 for free accounts). There is nothing I can do about that.



Version 1.1 (March 25th 2023):

Major Changes/Additions:

  • Added a synchronization to the new “Timer” feature in TickTick
    • Automatically creates a new Timer linked to the habit
    • Syncs all learned times >5 minutes to this Timer

Minor Changes/Fixes

  • Signs in on application start-up, reducing the “freeze” time of each sync caused by this addon.

  • Signs out when closing, reducing the token-spam

  • Fixed multiple small bugs/issues

  • Upped the supported versions to 2.1.60+

I tested these changes as best as I could, but especially the addition of the sync to the timer is a big new feature that might introduce errors. Please contact me if you encounter any new unwanted behaviour