Sync error: BadRecordMac

I am getting the following error message when doing a full “Upload to AnkiWeb” sync after deleting a note type:

A network error occurred.

Error details: <U+2068>error sending request for url (): connection error: received fatal alert: BadRecordMac<U+2069>

Googling that error message (with “BadRecordMac” as a required term) returns zero results.

Any ideas?

OS: Xubuntu 22.04

Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩
Python 3.9.10 Qt 6.3.1 PyQt 6.3.1

Something went wrong with the secure connection to AnkiWeb, such as some sort of network connection error, or filtering being done by the network. Maybe syncing on a different network will behave differently.

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