Swipes left/right are registered only half of the time

Especially swipe right. I have to do it 3-5 times for it to be registered. This defeats the whole idea of swipe-based controls.

I really can’t predict at which location of the card I have to do the swipe and how to get it robustly registered.

So far I consider swipes left and right registration to be completely broken on AnkiMobile which is unfortunate given the serious price paid for the app.

Context: I’m studying some HSK decks.

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It works reliably for me. Please make sure you are swiping from the edge of the screen, as mentioned in the swipe settings.

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I am using my smartphone with one hand. I do not have fingers long enough to reach left and right edge. Using two hands for holding the phone and swipes almost defeats the convenience of swipes.

Any other apps do not have such restrictions, so it’s very inconvenient :frowning:

Swipes need to start from the side of the screen to avoid conflicts with other gestures like scrolling. If your hand can reach to one edge, that will allow you to trigger swipes in three directions. If you need access to one other action, you could reassign one of the tap zones instead, or use the tools button or the top quickbar.

Well, other apps like Safari have no problems distinguishing scrolling and swipes.

In current/default state of affairs, swipes are super-hard to use with a single-hand holding the phone, especially with large phone screen :frowning: Basically, I can’t reach both left and right sides of the screen with my thumb.

With this swipe regime, I don’t need any tap zones besides the buttons in the bottom of the screen (for detailed feedback). For crude feedback, it would be nice to use just two swipes: good/bad like in other apps.

So I’d vote for including a “simplified” feedback regime supporting reliable left/right (and maybe also bottom/up) swipes without restrictions on starting the swipe exactly on the edge of the screen.

As far as I’m aware, Safari requires swipes to begin from the left or right edge of the screen as well, presumably for the same reasons.

It sounds like you are trying to use the swipes to answer cards? I’d recommend you use taps instead, as they are easier and require less finger movement.

You are right, but for Safari “go back” is much more frequent than “go forward”, so in majority of cases the finger needs to be able to reach just one edge, for Anki it’s not the same.

I’ve had experience with the app Daily Chinese (which has only selected decks and a simplistic correct/incorrect feedback). It’s rather convenient to use with a single-hand holding the phone and providing the feedback. Also it has a swipe animation which helps the user to understand that the swipe is being registered correctly. It would be great to see such a “simple swipes / single-handed” mode in AnkiMobile as well. Thanks!

And also, in mobile Safari, we don’t swipe left/right 10 times a minute like we do in SRS… So in Safari ergonomics of the single-handed swipes is much less important.

Some apps encourage that or require swipes to move between cards; AnkiMobile does not. As mentioned above, I recommend you use taps to navigate, as they are easier. You can either tap on the bottom counts/answer buttons, or in the card area.


Well, I do understand that currently AnkiMobile does not encourage swipes, since it’s hard to use :slight_smile: I hope my feedback and use-case motivation is useful and would be considered in some future redesigns :slight_smile:

Regarding the buttons, they are not very convenient to use with one-hand holding the phone / thumb taps either. They are okay with two hands - that’s what I’m doing. I’ll try to see how “taps in the card area” work, I haven’t discovered them yet.