Suspended cards have no due date with FSRS

Cards that become leeches and get suspended with FSRS enabled do not show any due date in the browser.

Completly irrelevant but why are you adding a reverse to the card 雑誌の販売を打ち切る

That sounds like a very specific phrasing. I don’t know how that will help. You can express the same idea in other ways too. Doesn’t this just add to your workload?

As for the due dates, it seems some other cards from 2022 also don’t have their due dates on them, right?

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[Don’t worry – I’m ready for you to lash out at me for no reason while I’m trying to help you.]

You’ll need to post the Card Info to get help with this. Cards with nothing in the “Due” column are generally in Learn. There’s no way to tell from these columns what state these cards are in, or whether they have been touched by FSRS.

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Honestly I would just respect another person’s wishes.

I’ll take that under advisement – but I’m not letting them bully me off of the Forums. So if they are going to keep posting questions here and I’m the one who is around to answer them, then I am probably going to inadvertently give them an answer now and then. What they choose to do with that is entirely up to them.

You are allowed to reply as long as you don’t use the italics button.

All cards have three parts.

Kanji to Hiragana

Japanese to English

English to Japanese

If I do not know one of the three, then I don’t know it.

Ony cards touched by FSRS are like this.

IMO English to Japanese, you don’t really need it. The other two might be useful.

Anyways, I actually followed the link to your youtube channel and you’re already very proficient at seems. So you’ll know what you’re doing. I actually thought you might be south asian given that I saw the word dharma on your pfp. Are you from here?

There have been many times where I remembered Japanese to English but did not remember the English to Japanese. And I always pat myself on the back in those situations for making 3 cards per word.

Actually, English to Japanese, of the three, I’d say is most important. And it is the most challenging.

If you see the word “cat” in Japanese and know it is cat,

The Simpsons - That’s Good,That’s Bad - YouTube

But if you see the word “cat” in English and can’t think of the Japanese,

The Simpsons - That’s Good,That’s Bad - YouTube

It adds to the workload, but it takes work to learn a language. Also, some redundancy is good.

Redundancy -

Also, I’m American. That logo is from the TV show LOST.

DHARMA Initiative | Lostpedia | Fandom

It’s fine to do that but keep in mind you don’t want to be thinking in your L1 when speaking. Just to give an example, in English you say words like please, good morning, etc. a lot but in a lot of languages in Asia you don’t do that a lot. If I were you I’d have replaced my
English —> Japanese cards with pure conversation practice (which you already do).

Why did they have to name it Dharma :sob:

Is that intentional that they use a Hindu word and a Taoist symbol for an organisation that goes around killing natives of an island?

Dharma has the meaning of duty, morality, virtue, etc. It means that which when practised holds the society. I honestly don’t know why they had to use it. Kinda inappropriate.

How much of that article did you read? :joy:

Well, if you do care. DHARMA were the ones who got killed.

The Purge | Lostpedia | Fandom

Now, back to the blank FSRS due dates.

Some of it. It said they were killing the “hostiles” or something. I also don’t know why mix Hinduism and Taoism. Dharma was killing and then Dharma got killed. At this point I’m pretty sure either they don’t care or they’re mocking us with this show.

Anyways, I don’t know why this is happening with due dates. I expect it to not be a language specific problem. Can you try reproducing it? Turn off FSRS. Do a new card. When it’s in review change back to FSRS. Rate Again and Suspend. Let’s see what happens.